Winners of the Family Treasures 3D Design Competition | Design Thinking Challenge

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For May’s ‘Family Treasures’ competition, students were challenged to design a model of an object that had been in their family for a long time. They had to explain why this object was special to their family in the description.

Students from all over the world submitted almost 15,000 entries for the ‘Family Treasures’ competition. We really enjoyed looking at all the entries although it was quite challenging picking the standout designs! Ultimately, we found the following designs exceptional, so without further ado, congratulations to the following winners and runners ups!


Winner: harrison3367 from East Para Primary School
Design: Old country Roses Tea Set (Cup and Plate)

From the description: “Effort. Lots of effort. Because I wanna make Mr. Harvey proud.”

Runner Up 1: Olivia.Cordes from Walkerville Primary School
Design: Penny Box

From the description: “This wooden box was hand made by my great grandfather in the 1950’s. I use it for my penny collection. My oldest coin is from 1911.”

Runner Up 2: Goldilox
Design: George

From the description: “This is Curious Geroge, he is a very curious monkey. This stuffed animal has been in my family for almost two generations now.”

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