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Have you ever been curious about how to implement 3D design and printing at your school, but just never had the time to learn more?

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“Over winter break I played with Makers Empire. And then, when school started, since my role is an educational technology coach, I reached out to teachers and asked that they consider testing out the software in their classrooms twice a week for half an hour, for six to eight sessions. We wanted to see what the kids could do with it. I didn’t really know what I was doing. But when I started using Makers Empire with the kids they really took to it. I think that we had 5,000 designs within a month’s time! I had seven classrooms at the school using it. And I had other teachers saying, ‘I really want to get in on this. I want to try this with our kids.’ Clearly, Makers Empire was a hit!”
Karie Huttner, K-5 Educational Technology Coach
Verona Area School District

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*The 2-month trial is available to any teacher who signs up for a Makers Empire trial before August 30th, 2019.
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