6 Elementary and Primary School Educators Share Their Experience of Makers Empire

At Makers Empire, we’re inspired every day by the amazing educators who engage, guide and teach elementary, primary and middle school students using Makers Empire. So today we thought we’d share a collection of recent social media posts by teachers in America and Australia who are using Makers Empire to teach Design Thinking, STEM and 21st-century learning skills. If you’re on social media, consider following these engaging teachers for more inspiration and great lesson ideas.

1. Catapult Fun

We love hearing about students going through several iterations of a design created in Makers Empire to arrive at a satisfactory solution. Learning to persist after setbacks is essential for future success.

2. Happy Kids, Happy Teacher

These smiling faces! Happy, engaged kids learn more and make teaching a pleasure.

3. Never Stop Learning

We know we’re doing something right when kids simply don’t want to stop learning with Makers Empire.

4. Going Deeper with Bubble Wands

Karie is a prolific blogger, sharing regular updates about her classroom experiences with Makers Empire and 3D printing. Here, she shares a recent task she gave her students to extend their learning.

5. Professional Development for Teachers

Makers Empire offers popular blended professional learning courses for teachers that include face-to-face professional development as well as showcase days for teachers and students to share the learning. Seeing the progress teachers make over the course of a term always makes us smile.

6. Learning with Our Buddies

We love it when teachers pair two classes together for a buddy class on 3D printing. Learning with a friend is fun, plus, the older students love the opportunity to help teach the younger students.

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