Creative Confidence Survey - examples

Teachers, please use the examples below as a starting point to help younger students understand the Creative Confidence Survey statements and get a sense of how much those statement reflect their own feelings, from ‘Not at all’ through to ‘Definitely’.

I have creative ideas

A creative idea means anything where you are using your imagination to make or do something totally new. It is your own idea. For example you might draw an imaginary animal that is totally unlike any real animal you’ve ever seen. You might make something with Lego without using the instructions. You might invent a new game or think of a song by yourself. Some people have creative ideas almost everyday, some people have creative ideas sometimes, and some people might feel like they never have creative ideas.


I feel good about sharing my ideas

Some people like telling other people about their ideas, but some people are more shy. A very shy person might have a good idea, but not want to tell anyone about it. Someone who is a bit shy might tell their friends or teacher, but not feel comfortable to share their idea in front of the whole class. Someone who feels very good about sharing their ideas is happy to tell anyone about their ideas, even if they’ve never met them before.


I am good at solving problems

There are lots of types of problems. Jigsaw puzzles are a fun type of problem. Losing your favourite toy or forgetting your lunch are not fun types of problems. People who are good at solving problems can almost always find a solution; they might be able to finish a jigsaw puzzle by themselves even if it has lots of pieces, they might learn how to play a new game with out any help, or they might find a way to fix a tricky problem at home or school. People who can solve problems ‘a bit’ will try to think of a way to do things by themselves, but might need help from an adult or sibling sometimes. People who say ‘not at all’ never try to solve problems by themselves, they always ask for help, or give up.


I can communicate my ideas well to other people

Some people find it easy to explain what they are thinking about and some people have great ideas but find it hard to explain them. Some people can always communicate their ideas and find it easy to describe how things work or how they look; and other people always understand them. People who can communicate their ideas ‘a bit’ can sometimes explain their ideas well to other people, but sometimes find it tricky.  Some people find it very hard to explain their ideas in a way that other people can understand.


If I don’t know the answer to a problem, I will keep trying to figure it out

Some people will keep trying and trying and trying, and never give up, even if they are not quite sure how to fix a problem. Some people will try for a bit, but might get tired and give up after a few tries. Some people will feel bad and stop trying solving a problem after one try – or maybe they won’t even try at all if it is too confusing.


Other people think I am creative

Do other people, like your family, friends or teacher often say that you are creative or have a good imagination? ‘Definitely’ means people say you’re creative a lot – like almost every week. ‘A bit’ means people sometimes say you are creative. ‘ Not at all’ means you can’t remember anyone ever saying you are creative or imaginative.


I like imagining new inventions or products

There are lots of different types of creative ideas. Some people are really good at drawing or music. Some people are really good at thinking about new things that we can use and some people are good at thinking of new ways to do things. A new product or invention could be a new tool to help us do our jobs, a new game that we can enjoy, a new fashion design to help us look stylish, a new type of building that people or animals can live in, or a delicious new kind of snack – anything that is new and can be made. 


I think my ideas could help other people

Sometimes we notice other people who have a problem and sometimes we can think of a way to help them. Some ideas are quite simple, like sharing your snacks with a friend who is hungry; and others are very complicated, like inventing robotic legs to help people who can’t walk. Any idea that helps someone is a good idea! Some people think they will have lots of helpful ideas, some people might think they will have helpful ideas sometimes, and some people might feel like they won’t ever think of any helpful ideas.