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Category: Teaching 21st Century Skills

  • Competitions, Challenges & Experiences Your Students Will Love | Design Thinking | STEM

    At Makers Empire, we want to help children become creators, innovators and problem solvers so they can adapt and thrive in a dynamic world. We do this by equipping educators with the tools, resources and support they need to embrace creativity and making in education for improved student performance, engagement and learning. We've created this...

  • Want to be inspired? Watch These 5 Great TED Talks for Teachers

    Looking to motivate and engage your students? Wanting to dive deeper into pedagogy? Keen to be inspired by a new idea? Feeling tired and in need of a mental pick-me-up? May we suggest watching a TED Talk or 5? TED is a not for profit that shares pioneering ideas through short, engaging talks. The TED...

  • The Power of Maker Pedagogy & 8 ways to Spot It and Embed It in the Classroom

    I am becoming increasingly convinced that maker pedagogy has the power to develop critical, creative and design thinking, and the creative confidence and self-belief our young people need to become innovators, problem-solvers and positive change makers. I can often be heard sprouting the virtues of constructionist learning theory. Occasionally, I am pulled up on this...

  • Teacher and student with computer and 3D printed object

    How 3D Printed ‘Not So Flat’ Stanleys Support Literacy at Woodsdale Elementary School

    Think 3D printing and 3D design is just for teaching students technology skills? Think again. With guidance from Sandra Wiseman (above), a library media/technology integration specialist, 2nd-grade students at Woodsdale Elementary School found an authentic way to develop literacy and practice their communication skills with 3D printed ‘not so flat’ Flat Stanleys from the beloved American book...

  • 7 benefits of using 3D printing technology in Education

    At Makers Empire, we help elementary, primary and middle school schools teach Design Thinking and make STEM subjects fun and engaging using 3D printing and design. Everday, we see first-hand the amazing things K-8 students can do when presented with an intuitive design interface and a supportive learning environment. So today we thought we'd share 7 benefits of using 3D...

  • 10 ways to generate creative ideas with Makers Empire

    At Makers Empire we support students through every phase of the design thinking process. Our 3D design software is the perfect place for students to bring their ideas to life, to create prototypes and to test out new ways of making things. We want students to be able to generate many new ideas so that...

  • 6 ways 3D printing helps students develop critical thinking skills

    To thrive in the 21st century our students need to be able to collaborate effectively with others, identify and develop innovative solutions to problems and challenges, and know how to think creatively and critically. So, what is critical thinking? Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and logically and to apply reasoning processes to ideas...

  • 12 ways to help students develop 21st Century Skills with Makers Empire

    We hear a lot about how important it is for today's students to develop their 21st century skills, in addition to what are often referred to as 'the basics'. In fact, the 4Cs of Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity are often described as the 'new basics'. These are the skills, dispositions and attitudes that...

  • Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs

    A recent article in The Guardian entitled ‘More than 2m 3D printers will be sold in 2018, analysts’ reported on expected growth of the 3D printing industry. "Estimates as to the total size of the market vary; while Gartner predicts total spending hitting $13.4bn by 2018, rival analysts CCS Insight estimate that the value of that market...