Lighthouse Schools

Lighthouse Schools


To ensure our Makers Empire 3D Printing Learning Program provides effective and consistent learning outcomes for primary, elementary and middle school students, Makers Empire works with a number of schools we call ‘Lighthouse Schools’.

Our Lighthouse Schools have all purchased the Makers Empire 3D Printing Learning Program for their students. However, unlike regular customers, our Lighthouse Schools receive advance access to new app, module and lesson plan updates and provide Makers Empire with detailed, constructive feedback on usage, reliability, effectiveness, learning outcomes and so on. Their feedback is assessed and measured by our developers, designers and programmers who then make improvements before deploying the final product to the general public.makersempire lighthouse program

Working with our Lighthouse Schools helps Makers Empire ensure continuous delivery of a world-first and world-class 3D design and printing Learning Program that truly meets the needs of school educators, teachers and students. Moreover, the teachers and students at Lighthouse Schools love seeing early versions of updates before the general public, and being able to critique and influence the final product.

As of August 2016, our Lighthouse Schools are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Baptist Rainbow Primary School: Hong Kong, China
  2. Beaconsfield Primary School: Western Australia, Australia
  3. Byram Hills Central School District: New York, USA
  4. Circular Head Christian School School: Tasmania, Australia
  5. Immanuel College: Adelaide, South Australia
  6. ISA International School of Guangzhou: Guangzhou, China
  7. Labrador State School: Gold Coast, Queensland
  8. Lee Kwan Memorial School: Hong Kong, China
  9. Living Word Shanghai School: Shanghai, China
  10. Monticello Central School District: New York, USA
  11. Narraweena Public School: Narraweena, New South Wales
  12. Nima Youshij School: Tehran, Iran
  13. North Adelaide Primary School: Adelaide, South Australia
  14. St Ann School: New Jersey, USA
  15. St Mary’s College: Adelaide, South Australia
  16. St Stephens School: Perth, Western Australia
  17. Scotch College: Adelaide, South Australia
  18. Saint Ignatius’ College Riverview: Sydney, New South Wales
  19. Sharon Public Schools: Sharon, Massachusetts, USA
  20. Star-River Guangzhou Panyu Zhixin Middle School 广州市番禺执信中学: Guangzhou, China
  21. The Affiliated School Of Guangdong University Of Foreign Studies 广东外语外贸大学附属中小学: Guangzhou, China
  22. The Scots College: Sydney, New South Wales
  23. Virginia Primary School: Adelaide, South Australia
  24. Westminster School: Adelaide, South Australia
  25. White Plains Public School: New York, USA

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