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Case Studies: 3D Printing in Schools

  • Why Groveland Elementary Switched From Tinkercad to Makers Empire 3D software

    We recently had the opportunity to chat with Colleen Small, the media specialist at Groveland Elementary in Minnesota, USA. She started using Makers Empire only a few months ago but is very happy she made the switch from Tinkercad. Compared to Tinkercad, both she and her students have found Makers Empire to be easier to...

  • 7 ways schools are teaching Design Thinking using 3D Printing

    Design thinking is a growing strategy for teaching at all levels. But what exactly is design thinking? Why is it important? Design thinking is a process for solving problems that involves asking questions, empathizing, experimenting and hands on testing. There are defined steps in the design thinking process: Empathize --> Define --> Ideate --> Prototype...

  • How Birdwood Primary School students solved a sticky problem with 3D printing

    Wondering how to use 3D printing to teach STEM subjects, design thinking and 21st century skills? Be inspired by this new interview with Bianca Laister, the Deputy Principal and Student Wellbeing Coordinator at Birdwood Primary School, a school in regional South Australia. Prior to completing Makers Empire's Learning by Design course as part of the SA...


Designing with Makers Empire 3D

  • How to make a 3D printed festive decoration (VIDEO)

    In this new video, we'll show you step by step how to make a festive decoration using Makers Empire 3D modeling software. As Christmas is fast approaching, we're going to make a snowman. Follow along and then make your own festive decoration. [su_spacer size="40"] [su_divider top="no" divider_color="#00ada8" size="2"] [/su_divider] Makers Empire: Better learning by...

  • How to make a monster using Makers Empire 3D (VIDEO)

    In this new video, we're going to show you how to design a symmetrical monster using Makers Empire 3D modeling software. Remember, this is just one example of a symmetrical monster - we can't wait to see what you make, too! Once you are happy with your design you can download the STL file for...

  • How to make a 3D printed bookmark using Makers Empire 3D (VIDEO)

    Looking for a great 3D printed lesson idea suitable for grades K-8? This 3D printed book mark lesson idea can be adapted to suit different age groups and interests. Watch this step-by-step video guide with your students and have them make their own custom 3D printed book marks. [su_spacer size="40"] Makers Empire: Better learning...


3D Printing Tips, Guides & Reviews

  • Quiz: which 3D printer is right for your school?

    3D printing technology is improving every day, which means more choices for schools wanting to integrate 3D printing and design thinking into their teaching. But how do you decide which 3D printer is right for your school? At Makers Empire, we've worked with thousands of K-8  teachers in Australia, America, Asia and Europe to support their...

  • Best 3D printers for schools (with built-in air filtration)

    Buying a 3D printer for your school? Read this essential post to learn why you should choose a 3D printer with a built-in air filtration system. [su_spacer size="20"] Why is air filtration important? In a Ultrafine particle emissions from desktop 3D printers' study by Stephens et al, 3D printers were characterised as “high emitters” of Ultra Fine...

  • Top 12 tips for setting up a school Makerspace

    Keen to set up a successful Makerspace for your school? Makerspaces are an awesome way to engage students in hands-on learning through making. Students love the practical experience of creating and problem solving that goes into making. Furthermore, classroom teachers have told us that Makerspaces are an effective way to engage less motivated students into learning...


3D Lesson Ideas: try these today

  • 10 Ways Teachers are Enhancing STEM Learning with 3D Printing

    Few would argue that having STEM and STEAM initiatives in K-8 schools is a bad idea. But many are unaware of just how important these STEAM programs are to our schools. As reported by CNBC, last year the US had three million STEM jobs left unfilled due to a lack of qualified workers. The same...

  • 5 (fun) ways 3D printing is transforming everyday items

    At Makers Empire, our mission is to transform K-8 learning with 3D printing technology. We know what it takes to successfully integrate this technology into the classroom and we can provide the support to make it a success for your school or school district. But occasionally we just like to remind ourselves just how fun 3D printing can...

  • Top Ten English 3D Design Lesson Ideas

    The 3D design environment provides an exciting context for students to communicate, respond to texts and express themselves in different ways. Looking for a simple 3D design lesson idea to try with your class? Here are ten of our favourite language based lesson ideas. 1. Character Design Before students begin writing a narrative, challenge them to...


Thought Leadership: Design Thinking & more

  • STEM, STEAM, STREAM... How 3D Design and Printing Supports Them All

    If you're wondering how to use 3D design and printing to support your STEM, STEAM or STREAM learning learning goals, Makers Empire has got your back. Why not try one of the following ideas in your K-8 classroom today? Science  The real world application of 3D printing in the sciences is perhaps the most revolutionary application of 3D technology. Scientists...

  • 4 ways to help students identify needs and opportunities and to design apt solutions

    At Makers Empire, we believe that design thinking skills are crucial tools for students to have in their kit bags as they prepare to thrive into the 21st century. Students who can successfully follow design thinking processes are best placed to think creatively, critique and analyse situations and products, create solutions to problems, visualise new...

  • 7 benefits of using 3D printing technology in education

    At Makers Empire, we've seen first-hand the amazing things K-8 students can do when presented with an intuitive design interface and a supportive learning environment.  So today we thought we'd share 7 benefits of using 3D printing in education. 1. Creating inventors 3D printing technology positions students as creators. Instead of consuming the creations of someone else they...


Makers Empire News

  • Makers Empire seeks Digital Marketing Coordinator (USA)

    Are you an experienced marketer with strong skills in digital and content marketing? Would you like to make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of young students around the world? Makers Empire is looking for a US based, digital marketing coordinator to join our small but expert...

  • SA DECD School? EOI open for Learning by Design: 3D Printing in Primary Schools 2018

    DECD schools with a primary enrolment are invited to apply for the “Learning by Design: 3D Printing in Primary Schools” project for 2018. The project has capacity for 50 schools in each semester. Schools will receive a 1 year whole-of-site subscription to Makers Empire software and accompanying Teacher’s Dashboard as well as access to a...

  • Makers Empire joins forces with Polar 3D

    Makers Empire is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with American technology company, Polar3D, which has acquired an interest in the company.  Polar 3D is an American technology company delivering software, products and content to educate and enable a world for “making” through the Polar Cloud. “Like Polar 3D, we are passionate about empowering students and teachers...