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News from Makers Empire

The latest product news and updates from Makers Empire

  • New Game Zone, Maze Mania and View Cube coming soon to Makers Empire

    The next update of Makers Empire (version 4.3) will introduce some brand new features: Game Zone / Maze Mania -a super fun new design tool Welcome to the World - a more engaging way to get started with Makers Empire View Cube - improved rotate view tool 1. Game Zone / Maze Mania [su_spacer] Game Zone (see...

  • Meet The Maker: Angus Copley, Makers Empire Legend & Awesome Student Designer

    We are happy to introduce our first Makers Empire Legend: year four student Angus Copley from St Michaels School in Australia. Angus was nominated for the Makers Empire Legend program by Kate Trywhitt, his Arts & Design Teacher. She nominated Angus because "he makes really complex designs that are fun and eye catching. He has a really...

  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Roll Out 3D Technology into 200 Primary Schools in 2019

    Makers Empire is happy to announce a new partnership with Dubai-based education consultancy company, Ibtikar, to deliver a country-wide rollout of 3D technology into over 200 primary schools in 2019 for the United Arab Emirates, Ministry of Education (MoE). To achieve the country-wide rollout, Makers Empire will provide curriculum, 3D software (Makers Empire 3D), teacher resources,...


Makers Empire in the Classroom

Be inspired by school case studies and interviews with teachers

  • How Morphett Vale PS Students Learn About Entrepreneurship with 3D printing

    Teachers unfamiliar with 3D printing are often unsure how to use it as an authentic teaching tool. So be inspired by educators from a school in Australia who used 3D printing to teach primary school students about entrepreneurship, product design and marketing. Morphett Vale Primary School was one of almost 50 South Australian schools who took...

  • 600 Schools in the 2018 GE Additive Education Program Off To A Great Start!

    Recent research shows the compelling learning benefits that can be achieved for students and teachers with 3D printing in the primary school classroom. 3D technology creates a fun, hands-on experience for students with cutting edge technology while positioning them as as creators, inventors and engineers. Through the Design Cycle, students learn how to solve real-world...

  • Teacher with students and 3D gadget

    How 5th Graders at Woodsdale Elementary Learned About Engineering with 3D Printing

    Coming up with ways to let students experience the engineering design process first-hand in the K-8 classroom can be a challenge. But under the guidance of their teacher, Sandra Weisman (above), the 5th-grade students at Woodsdale Elementary made it happen. By using Makers Empire and 3D printing they implemented the engineering design process to develop...


3D Printing Lesson Ideas

Wondering how to use 3D printing as an authentic teaching tool? Try these ideas!

  • 3d printed objects on a table

    How to Teach the ‘E’ in STEM with 3D Printing: Engineering in Primary School

    Are we teaching all the letters in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer and Mathematics) or are some receiving more attention than others? If you look around, math and science are staples of education, while technology is integrated into many areas of student learning. But what about engineering? Engineering, the ‘E’ in STEM, is often overlooked, especially...

  • 5 (fun) ways 3D printing is transforming everyday items

    At Makers Empire, our mission is to transform K-8 learning with 3D printing technology. We know what it takes to successfully integrate this technology into the classroom and we can provide the support to make it a success for your school or school district. But occasionally we just like to remind ourselves just how fun 3D printing can...

  • Top 10 Literacy Focused 3D Design Lesson Ideas

    The 3D design environment provides an exciting context for students to communicate, respond to texts and express themselves in different ways. Looking for a simple 3D design lesson idea to try with your class? Here are ten of our favourite literacy and language based lesson ideas. 1. Character Design Before students begin writing a narrative, challenge...


Design Thinking Competitions

Challenge Your Student with a Design Thinking Competition

  • Terrific Treasure Design Thinking Competition Winners

    We are proud to announce the winners of Makers Empire's Design Thinking competition from August/September: Terrific Treasure. In this competition, students were challenged to design an eye-catching treasure for their hero. We enjoyed viewing all of the 6,000+ competition submissions in this competition. Click on the images below to view the designs in 3D and see all...

  • Find A Way 3D Design Thinking Competition Winners!

    We are proud to announce the winners of Makers Empire's Design Thinking competition from July: Find A Way! In this competition, students were challenged to design a complex 3D maze that they could get lost in. This was the original design challenge: We enjoyed all of the competition submissions! The mazes that students created were incredibly complex...

  • Splash Down 3D Design Competition Winners!

    We are proud to announce the winners of Makers Empire's Design Thinking competition from June: Splash Down! In this competition, students were challenged to design a landing pad where bees could safely access the water to drink. This was the original design challenge: We enjoyed all of the competition submissions! The students created such thoughtful, practical and creative...


3D Printing Tips and Guides

Expert tips and advice to ensure your 3D printing experience is a success!

  • 8 Essential Tips for successful 3D printing in the classroom

    Teachers are achieving fantastic learning benefits in the classroom every day with 3D technology and Makers Empire. However, we realise that the practical requirements of implementing 3D technology in your school can be a little daunting for newcomers. So we have compiled this list of 8 practical tips to help you make your 3D printing...

  • Unboxing & Setting Up the Flashforge Inventor IIS 3D Printer (Step-by-Step Photo Guide)

    This article will walk you through the process of unboxing and setting up your FlashForge Inventor IIS 3D printer bought from Makers Empire so it is ready for printing. Please read each step fully before viewing the photos and animations that accompany them. [su_spacer size="40"] What you will need: Scissors and/or side cutters [su_spacer size="40"]...

  • What Teachers Need to Know about Safety and Air Filters Re: 3D Printers in Schools

    3D printing and design offer elementary, primary and middle school educators countless learning opportunities for enhanced student performance, engagement and learning. Check out our case studies for dozens of inspiring examples of real-life classroom learning. As with all new technologies used in a school environment, educators need to understand the technology from a health and...


How To Guides (VIDEO)

Watch step-by-step videos to learn how easy it is to design in 3D