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Case Studies: 3D Printing in Schools

  • Why spatial intelligence is important and how to help develop it with 3D printing

    You've heard of intellectual intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) a measures of a person's reasoning and emotional ability, respectively. But are you familiar with spatial intelligence and its importance in education and learning? Spatial intelligence or spatial ability is the skill required to mentally manipulate 2D and 3D objects. So why should classroom teachers...

  • Why Groveland Elementary Switched From Tinkercad to Makers Empire 3D software

    We recently had the opportunity to chat with Colleen Small, the media specialist at Groveland Elementary in Minnesota, USA. She started using Makers Empire only a few months ago but is very happy she made the switch from Tinkercad. Compared to Tinkercad, both she and her students have found Makers Empire to be easier to...

  • 7 ways schools are teaching Design Thinking using 3D Printing

    Design thinking is a growing strategy for teaching at all levels. But what exactly is design thinking? Why is it important? Design thinking is a process for solving problems that involves asking questions, empathizing, experimenting and hands on testing. There are defined steps in the design thinking process: Empathize --> Define --> Ideate --> Prototype...


3D Lesson Ideas: try these today

  • 10 Ways Teachers are Enhancing STEM Learning with 3D Printing

    Few would argue that STEM learning in K-8 schools is a bad idea. But many are unaware of just how important these STEM initiatives are to our schools. As reported by CNBC, last year the US had three million STEM jobs left unfilled due to a lack of qualified workers. The same is true in...

  • 5 (fun) ways 3D printing is transforming everyday items

    At Makers Empire, our mission is to transform K-8 learning with 3D printing technology. We know what it takes to successfully integrate this technology into the classroom and we can provide the support to make it a success for your school or school district. But occasionally we just like to remind ourselves just how fun 3D printing can...

  • Top Ten English 3D Design Lesson Ideas

    The 3D design environment provides an exciting context for students to communicate, respond to texts and express themselves in different ways. Looking for a simple 3D design lesson idea to try with your class? Here are ten of our favourite language based lesson ideas. 1. Character Design Before students begin writing a narrative, challenge them to...


3D Printing Tips, Guides & Reviews

  • Best 3D Printers for Primary and Elementary Schools - 2018

    Choosing a 3D printer for your school can be a difficult decision. While many will be great for high school students or a hobbyist, some are less suited for regular use in a K-8 classroom or library environment. At Makers Empire, we’ve helped thousands of K-8 teachers in Australia, America, Europe and Asia integrate 3D...

  • FlashForge Inventor IIS 3D Printer Review: testing for suitability for schools

    Considering buying a 3D printer for your primary school, elementary school or middle school? Wondering how to choose between the best 3D printer for your school from the dozens of 3D printer options for schools? Not sure what you should be looking for in a 3D printer, but knowing that you need something affordable, reliable...

  • Quiz: which 3D printer is right for your school?

    3D printing technology is improving every day, which means more choices for schools wanting to integrate 3D printing and design thinking into their teaching. But how do you decide which 3D printer is right for your school? At Makers Empire, we've worked with thousands of K-8  teachers in Australia, America, Asia and Europe to support their...


Designing with Makers Empire 3D

  • How to Help Theo the Dog Solve His Stick Problem (VIDEO)

    Theo the Dog has a problem. He wants to carry a stick across a bridge but the stick is too wide for the narrow bridge. Can you help him design a solution to help him carry his stick over the bridge using Makers Empire 3D software? In this new step-by-step video, we'll show your students...

  • 7 Essential 'Hacks' For Makers Empire 3D Modeling Software

    With Makers Empire 3D modeling software everyone can become a designer. Everyday, K-8 students create wonderful, innovative objects using Makers Empire 3D, from superhero gadgets to models of the Everglades. To make the design experience even easier, we've complied our top 7 'hacks' for Makers Empire 3D modeling software. Using these 'hacks' will help you...

  • How to make a 3D printed festive decoration (VIDEO)

    In this video, we'll show you step by step how to make a 3D printed festive decoration using Makers Empire 3D modeling software. As Christmas is fast approaching, we are feeling the holiday spirit. To celebrate the festive seacon, we're going to make a 3D printed snowman decoration that can hang on a Christmas tree....


Teaching Design Thinking with 3D Printing

  • 9 Ways Teachers Can Differentiate Design Tasks for Students

    At Makers Empire we believe that every child can change their world. Our dream is to empower every student with the tools, skills and creative confidence they need, to be able to tackle challenges head-on and develop creative, innovative solutions to problems. We know that teachers play a major role in helping students develop the...

  • NSW Education Standards Authority endorses Makers Empire's Learning by Design course

    Makers Empire is delighted to announce that our innovative Learning by Design Course is now endorsed by the New South Wales (NSW) Education Standards Authority. This means that teachers based in NSW, Australia, who undertake this course will be able to use it to meet his or her mandated teacher accreditation requirements. In NSW, all teachers...

  • How Birdwood Primary School students solved a sticky problem with 3D printing

    Wondering how to use 3D printing to teach STEM subjects, design thinking and 21st century skills? Be inspired by this new interview with Bianca Laister, the Deputy Principal and Student Wellbeing Coordinator at Birdwood Primary School, a school in regional South Australia. Prior to completing Makers Empire's Learning by Design course as part of the SA...


Makers Empire News

  • Makers Empire receives 'Stellar' 5 Star Review from Common Sense Education

    Common Sense is well known to both teachers and parents (including parents amongst the Makers Empire team) as an excellent tool to help them assess the quality and suitability of movies, games, apps and programs for children. The detailed Common Sense Education ratings and teacher-training platform help over half a million teachers better use new...

  • Makers Empire Job Vacancy: Digital Marketing Executive (USA) | Remote

    Are you an experienced marketer with strong skills in digital and content marketing? Would you like to make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of young students around the world? Makers Empire is looking for a US based, digital marketing executive to join our small but expert...

  • GE Additive Program grants for schools for 3D printing now open for 2018

    Makers Empire's US partner, Polar3D, is pleased to announce that GE Additive is now accepting applications from schools and colleges for the 2018 cycle of its Additive Education Program (AEP). The deadline is February 28, 2018. GE is investing $10 million over five years in educational programs to deliver Polar Cloud-enabled polymer 3D printers to primary and secondary schools and metal...