World’s Easiest To Use 3D Design Software, Makers Empire 3D, Now Even Better

Makers Empire is proud to announce that the latest release of its easy to use 3D design software, Makers Empire 3D, will be a huge step forward for users in terms of usability and engagement.

Makers Empire 3D has been designed for K-8 students so it’s extremely kid-friendly – in fact, students as young as four can use the app and start designing in minutes.

Makers Empire 3D software works on all computers, devices and tablets, including iPads, making play-based learning with 3D technology highly accessible.

Makers Empire 3D software is already loved by thousands of teachers and educators:

“I have worked with several design software but Makers Empire is the easiest to use,”
Casey Corn, STEM Teacher, Chesnee Elementary School, South Carolina, USA.

“After having tried several softwares, I can say hands down that Makers Empire has been the easiest
for my students in grades 3-5 to access and manipulate,”
Christopher Burdman, STEM Teacher, Joseph P Tynan Elementary School, Boston, USA.

“This has been a wonderful new way to teach and motivate my students…
At first, I preferred Tinkercad because I knew this software better. However, now that I
have had some time to work with Makers Empire it is so much better… The overall enthusiasm towards school
and learning has increased tremendously. Students who are typically reluctant learners have come to life,”
Robin McGinnis,Teacher, North Elementary School, USA

“The software is easy to use and kid-friendly… When we end our day I may about 20 designs that were created,
but when we start the next day I see that number increase to about 50. They are even designing at home,”

Irene Barry-Philord, Teacher, Eneida M. Hartner Elementary, Miami, Florida, USA.

While we love receiving positive feedback from teachers, we are always striving to make 3D design more accessible and user-friendly for students and teachers. So the Makers Empire tech team has listened to feedback and suggestions from our global teaching community to create this latest update of Makers Empire 3D.

Check out some of the new features coming in the May 4th, 2018 version of Makers Empire 3D:

Multiple Login Options

We’ve made it even easier for students and teachers to use Makers Empire with multiple login options. Apart from the unique class and individual logins issued by Makers Empire, you can also login using a unique QR code (best for young users!) or by using your Schoology, Clever or Google Classroom login details.

New Design

The latest version simplifies the design experience by presenting users with five tabs to choose from:

  1. Challenges
  2. Gallery
  3. Create
  4. My Designs
  5. User Profile

Challenges Tab

New users are instructed to begin at the Challenges tab, which guides them through a series of bite-sized challenges of escalating difficulty designed to help them learn how to use the app. Instead of the old, activity-focused tutorials, this highly engaging tab now presents users with exciting problems to solve.

Also, competitions don’t unlock until a user reaches level 5 on the Challenges. This is to help ensure that users have the necessary skills and knowledge to create a good competition entry.

Makers Empire 3D Design Software

Gallery Tab

Students can view almost two million designs made by fellow student designers in the Makers Empire gallery. They can like designs, comment on designs, follow other Makers and ‘buy’ or unlock designs with their tokens.

Makers Empire 3D Design Software

Create Tab

The new Create tab houses the six design modules: Shaper, Blocker, Character, Toy Designer, Cogger, and Doodler.

My Designs Tab

This section houses all of the user’s designs. Users can share their designs, download the STL file, edit a design description, make a recording explaining their designs, copy their designs, delete designs and view all comments and likes on individual designs.

Makers Empire 3D Design Software

User Profile Tab

In this tab, users can customise their hero (avatar), change their settings and troubleshoot any issues with our HELPBOT 3000.

Makers Empire 3D Design Software

Makers Empire 3D software is the cornerstone of Makers Empire’s award-winning paid subscription option for schools, which delivers genuinely transformative learning outcomes. School subscriptions include 130+ lesson plans aligned to American Common Core standards and the Australian Curriculum, professional development, training and ongoing support for teachers, an implementation plan, and a Teacher’s Dashboard.

With the new May 2018 update, Makers Empire is taking a huge step forward in making 3D design accessible and engaging for all primary, elementary and middle school students and teachers.

The new version will be released on Friday 4th May, 2018. Download Makers Empire 3D and try it yourself!


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