Announcing the 2018 Makers Empire Awards

Makers Empire is delighted to announce the inaugural Makers Empire Awards.

The new Makers Empire Awards are designed to celebrate and showcase the students, teachers, classes and schools that make up our global education community. They will be announced each year based on performance over the last 12 months.

This year, Makers Empire Awards will be given in the following categories:


  1. Designer of the Year – judged from previous winners of monthly in-app design competitions
  2. Creator of the Most Viewed xDesign
  3. Creator of the Most Liked Design
  4. Creator of the Design with the Most Comments
  5. Most Designs Created
  6. Creator of the Most Played Maze
  7. Creator of the Most Played Mission
  8. Greatest App Usage
  9. Most Challenges Completed


  1. Award for Most Original Lesson Plan (shared in Lesson Plan Library)
  2. Award for Best Documentation of Makers Empire in the Classroom


  1. Most Designs Created
  2. Greatest App Usage
  3. Most Challenges Completed
  4. Most Missions Created


  1. Most Designs Created
  2. Most Designs (Small School)
  3. Greatest App Usage
  4. Greatest App Usage (Small School)
  5. Most Challenges Completed
  6. Most Challenges Completed (Small School)
  7. Most Missions Created
  8. Most Missions Created (Small School)

Please note that only Makers Empire school customers and classes and students at those schools are eligible for these awards.

The 2018 awards will be announced in January 2019.

Makers Empire will also expand the Annual Awards program in 2019 to include new, award categories that focus on student and teacher Design Thinking, creativity, critical thinking, innovation, problem solving, collaboration and citizenship. Nominations for these awards will need to be submitted by teachers and the awards will be judged by an expert panel.

Will your school be a winner this year? Stay tuned for an announcement regarding the 2018 winners in early 2019.

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