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Welcome to the Makers Empire Trial

During this trial, you will get to design in 3D (no experience required). Learn how to integrate 3D design and printing in the classroom. Step into the shoes of your student, and try from a choice of lesson plans.

Step 1: Learn about Makers Empire

Before you get started, we recommend it can be helpful to know how the Makers Empire Learning Program fits together. In this 20 min webinar you will learn about 3D design and printing, how 3D design integrates into the classroom, designing with the Makers Empire 3D software and the lesson plans we offer.

Watch the 20 min webinar

Step 2: Download Makers Empire

Choose the platform that your students would be using the most or you would like to test.

Step 3: Create your account

Open the Makers Empire software.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Click on create account Choose your username Enter the license key from email Choose password & General class

Your Makers Empire account is all created!

Step 4: Try out the Makers Empire Software

Watch one of the video examples, and follow along in the module and try your hand and creating a 3D design! You can always come back and continue your design.

Look at the challenges & try the tutorials

Design a key ring in the Shaper Module

Design a Minion Cookie Cutter

Need help with the buttons – Click on the “?” button in the app and watch the video tutorial, or check out

Step 5: Choose a lesson plan!

Download the lesson plan you would like to explore and see how you might integrate 3D learning into the classroom. You can then create a design that fits

Grade K-1 Bubbles Lesson Plan Amazing Mazes



Now open up the Makers Empire software and choose the right design module. The Bubbles lesson plan will require you to open up Shaper module, and the Maze lesson plan will get you to open up the Blocker module. Follow along to do the first help tutorials. This will teach you the very basics.

In the Shaper module you can get even extra help by clicking the top right circle, and hitting any of the flashing buttons to get extra video tutorials.

All your designs are automatically saved!

How did you go with your first 3D designs? If you tried out both lesson plans you would have tried out using the Blocker and Shaper design modules! Makers Empire has even more design modules for you to try.

Open the Challenger module, and work through some of the tutorials to get a glimpse at what the other modules have to offer.

Step 6: Try the teacher’s dashboard

View your 3D designs

Now that you have created a few designs, you can log into the teacher’s dashboard and explore. Your email has your login information.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Go to and click on the teacher login (top right corner) You will see your profile, including your username, and students / classes set up. To view the designs you have created click on the classes option in the left hand menu. You will see your name in the students list, and the designs you have created.

Now that you have discovered your designs in the teacher’s dashboard. There are a few ways you can interact with these designs. These include downloading the STL file (format to send to 3D printer), commenting on designs, viewing it in 3D, deleting designs and even getting your files remotely printed.

Look at the lesson library

Click on the lesson ideas menu item on the left. You can browse and see the different lesson plans and ideas we offer to integrate into your class. Whilst you can’t download the lesson, you will be able to see all the topics and themes. Subject areas vary across maths, science, technology, english, arts, geography and history.

Step 7: Brainstorming and Evaluation

Spend some time thinking about how you would integrate 3D printing and design into your classroom. What subject areas would you start with? Don’t worry, customers receive professional development training, part of which will help you formulate a plan of implementation.

How would you evaluate Makers Empire and your experience? To speak to the team to find out how you can implement Makers Empire at your school you can Book a Demo, or you can simply Request a Quote:

Want to extend your trial to 2 months to try with your students? Just click Book a Demo and we can help you with a 3D roadmap best suited to your classroom.







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