5 (fun) ways 3D printing is transforming everyday items

At Makers Empire, our mission is to transform K-8 learning with 3D printing technology. We know what it takes to successfully integrate this technology into the classroom and we can provide the support to make it a success for your school or school district.

But occasionally we just like to remind ourselves just how fun 3D printing can be.

3D printing technology is slowing changing the world from manufacturing to medicine, but let’s have a look at some of the more fun 3D printing developments that are being made.

1. 3D printed lattes

Does your barista have the skills to create the beautiful leaf or heart on the top of your morning coffee? If not, don’t despair. This 3D printer by Ripple Maker can print an image into the foam top of your beloved latte.

Any image can be sent to the 3D printer and then come to life on the top of your coffee. Given the chance, what would you print onto your latte?

2. 3D printed figurine of yourself

Photography is the easiest and most common way to capture a depiction of yourself. But 3D printing takes it to a whole level: now, after getting a 3D scan of your body, you can have your very own mini figurine! This technology is also being used to print facial prosthetics, easing the suffering of those who suffer facial disfigurement.

3. 3D printed running shoes

In December last year, adidas launched a limited edition 3D printed running shoe. The midsole was fabricated into a supportive lattice that could be personalized for each customer’s specific foot shape. Plus, they look amazing.

Similarly, Under Armor recently launched their own 3D printed midsole. Sadly, they are already sold out!

4. 3D printed sonogram

Sonogram technology has come a long way from the blurry black and white x-rayish looking things of the past. Vivid 3D images and videos of your unborn child are now possible and accessible to the average mother.

But for the vision impaired, this technology has limitations. Luckily, it is possible to 3D print a sonogram so that a visually impaired person can ‘see’ their unborn child. A feat that would not be possible without 3D printing technology.

5. 3D printed instruments

People have created 3D printed guitars, flutes, saxophone, and kazoos but this 3D printed violin takes the cake. Its super sleek design printed in one piece and beautiful sound are absolutely amazing. Plus, you can customize your 3D printed violin with an engraving into the body of the instrument.

3D printing technology has the potential to transform the way students learn. At Makers Empire we see the learning benefits of putting 3D printing technology into the classroom every day. But sometimes it’s fun to take a step back and just look at how fun 3D printing is, too!

Think of using these ideas as inspiration for your next 3D printing class. How can your students use 3D printing to create something new, fun and innovative?

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