Fitting out 3D printing learning spaces for STEM works schools in SA

STEM Works is a $250 million investment by the South Australian State Government to provide 139 schools with modern STEM facilities to enrich teaching and learning – with modern integrated learning areas which may consist of small group learning rooms, individual breakout spaces, laboratories, collaborative learning spaces and outdoor learning areas.

If you are a STEM Works primary school and are ready to fit out for your specialised learning area, why not start with a 3D Printing learning area?

Makers Empire complete 3D printing solutions for K-8 schools aligns well with the STEM Works program to give your teachers the specialist facilities they need to:

– inspire innovation and creativity – check!
– stimulate imagination – check!
– challenge students – check!

1) inspire innovation and creativity

2) stimulate imagination

3) challenge students

4) Makers Empires 3D printing

Watch the following short videos that give an overview of Makers Empire to see how it will fit into your school’s learning space:

[huge_it_videogallery id=”8″]

5) Request a quote

Start 3D printing in your STEM works specialised learning area now and request a quote from us.