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A recent article in The Guardian entitled ‘More than 2m 3D printers will be sold in 2018, analysts’ reported on expected growth of the 3D printing industry.

“Estimates as to the total size of the market vary; while Gartner predicts total spending hitting $13.4bn by 2018, rival analysts CCS Insight estimate that the value of that market will reach $4.8bn by 2018,” journalist Alex Hern wrote.

The article quoted Arnaud Gagneux, VP Technology Transformation at CCS, who was critical of much of the current 3D printing technology and the “unfriendly nature of many consumer 3D printers.”

Gagneux was quoted as saying, “the current 3D printing technology relies on understanding complex user interfaces, many of which are well beyond casual users.”

The article goes on to say,

“But Gartner voices a note of hope for consumer printing, predicting that the ability to “plug and print”, letting a user free themselves from the nitty-gritty of setup, will come in 2014.”

Well, we’re pleased to let Gagneux and The Guardian readers know that using the Makers Empire app does not require any complex technological understanding or specialised CAD training. Our ‘plug and print’ Makers Empire mobile app can be used by a four year old. Yes, that’s right. A four year old.

Moreover, the Makers Empire app teaches users valuable skills in design, spacial awareness, and problem solving, while encouraging creativity and innovation.

The article also reports on estimated usage of 3D printing technology in 2018:

“…CCS says that more than three-quarters of the revenue will come from industrial systems, where massive 3D printers are used for prototyping and manufacturing in aerospace, automotive and healthcare sectors.”

3D printing has practically limitless application in almost every industrial and commercial industry. So kids using 3D printing technology today will have a distinct advantage over the kids that don’t when it comes to future employment, just as the kids who had access to computers in the 80s had the edge on their peers.

At Makers Empire we’re proud to be bridging the gap between tomorrow’s technology and today’s learners. The future is indeed bright.

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