Register Your Interest for the 2023 Water Warriors Program

Following a successful 2022 program, SA Water and Makers Empire are pleased to invite primary schools in South Australia to register their interest to join a pioneering water education program for 10 schools in 2023. 

Supported by SA Water, the Water Warriors program helps students learn about water as a precious and renewable resource, and explores cultural knowledge of Aboriginal people, water management, and ways to build more excellent, healthier communities. 

The 2023 project will start with teacher PD at the end of term 2, with students undertaking the program in Terms 3-4.

What are the aims of the Water Warrior program?

  • To help students understand water as a precious and renewable resource: the water cycle and the impact of natural and human-made changes to components within the water ecosystems; respond to water-related issues in sustainable and innovative ways
  • To introduce water management processes and understand the role that human actions play in the management of water as a resource
  • To highlight to students opportunities to play an active role in effective water management, both while at school and as a potential future pathway
  • To empower students as innovative problem solvers in addressing important global issues: reducing, reusing and recycling water through innovation. Students will use the design thinking problem-solving methodology and 3D design to create innovative solutions to water management issues.

What do Schools Receive?

10 schools selected for Water Warriors will receive a $5,000 package including:

  • At least 2 teachers (up to 5 per school) will participate in the Makers Empire Learning by Design professional learning course (10 hours of professional learning).
  • Access to the Water Warriors Challenge Course in the Makers Empire 3D App.
  • 12-month subscription to Makers Empire School Plan (3D design software, teacher dashboard, 130 curriculum aligned lesson plans, built-in assessment tools, online professional development, ongoing support, updates and maintenance).
  • Makers Empire will 3D print your students’ designs for you (up to 30 prints)!
  • *Total value of the program $5,000 ex-gst

What Do Schools Commit To?

  • Project to start with teachers attending 1 face-to-face professional learning day in Term 2, week 10* (schools cover TRT expenses). Students will then commence the project in Term 3
  • Project completion with teachers and students attending, Showcase Day** in Term 4, week 7 (schools arrange transport and cover TRT expenses).
  • Participate in professional learning communities and online professional learning activities.
  • Year 3-7 students complete a ready-made, in-app Challenge Course – approx. 4-5 lessons. The Challenge Course is based around water as a precious and renewable resource and opportunities to play an active role.
  • Participate in data collection and share their learning experiences with others.

* Professional learning day – Friday 23rd June, 2023.
** Showcase day – Tuesday 28th November, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can accommodate 2-5 teachers per school (more by negotiation) for the professional development days. We can accommodate unlimited classes and students in a school to do the program. We can accommodate 4-6 students per class and an accompanying teacher for the showcase days. 

The program has been designed for grades 3-7 students.

Yes, absolutely! If your school is chosen you will receive all of the benefits on top of your existing Makers Empire subscription: your Makers Empire subscription will simply be extended for another year.

Absolutely! We have had many smaller, regional and area schools participate in our programs before. We encourage all interested schools to apply. 

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Simply fill in this form to submit your school’s expression of interest to take part in this exciting new water education program.  

The deadline for expressions of interest is 7 July, 2023.

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