Guide to the Halliburton Foundation Grants

If you are looking at introducing or expanding 3D printing and design for your school, then Makers Empire can try to help you achieve funding for such a program through the Halliburton Foundation.

Grants of varying amounts are available to public elementary and middle schools to purchase materials, supplies and other resources to enhance learning in the classroom. 

The grant program is open all year-round.

Makers Empire provides schools with all the tools for a successful 3D printing and design program. This includes 3D printers, easy to use 3D design software, lesson plans aligned to standards, professional development and teacher management tools.

“This has been a wonderful new way to teach and motivate my students… They are beginning to see real-life implications to what they learning to do in class and how they could develop prototypes of objects that they could develop and then produce to sell…The overall enthusiasm towards school and learning has increased tremendously. Students who are typically reluctant learners have come to life,”
– Robin McGinnis, Teacher
North Elementary School, USA

What could my school receive with the Classroom Grant?

The Halliburton Foundation grants program allows schools to apply for funding towards classroom programs. With this grant, schools could fund: 

  • Two Flashforge Adventurer 4 3D printers
  • 3D printing filament
  • Professional development
  • Online training
  • Maker Empire 3D design software
  • In-app curriculum-aligned Challenge Courses
  • 150+ curriculum-aligned lesson plans
  • Ongoing support

for all students and teachers in a school for 24 months.


About Halliburton Foundation Grants

The Halliburton Foundation makes direct donations to U.S.-based elementary and secondary schools along with colleges and universities. At its discretion, the Foundation’s board of trustees also provides a limited number of grants to health and health-related charities. The board reviews grant requests on a quarterly basis.

Halliburton Foundation Giving Guidelines

The Halliburton Foundation will accept grant proposals from U.S. based non-profit organizations that serve the following areas:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Social Services (health-related)

Requests for grants in non- U.S. locations should be made directly to the Halliburton office doing business in that part of the world.


Does your school meet eligibility criteria?

To be considered for a corporate grant from Halliburton’s U.S. Foundation the organization must:

  • Provide evidence of 501(c)(3) tax exempt status as granted by the Internal Revenue Service, or of a political subdivision (schools, municipal foundations, etc.)
  • Demonstrate that supporting the request will be of benefit to the company, employees, the community and customers.
  • Indicate how many people will be impacted by the project.
  • Summary of the how the program or project will be accomplished and the expected results.
  • Provide a timeline for the project.
  • Provide budget information and other sources of funding for the project.
  • List of Board of Directors noting their business affiliations.
  • Submit its most recent audited financial statement or form 990.
  • Note: Strong preference is given to organizations in areas where Halliburton has a significant presence as measured by facilities, employees and customers.

Ineligible Causes

The Halliburton Foundation will not consider support to the following:

Organizations that do not have 501(C)(3) or equivalent status
Religious, Fraternal or Veterans organizations
Athletic organizations
Trips, sporting events, tours and transportation
Advertising, film or video projects
Athletic organizations
Projects in locations not geographically aligned with Halliburton facilities and operations or company goals
Political or union organizations

See more at the grant website. 

Application Process: Suggested Steps

For schools who choose Makers Empire for their grant submission, we recommend the following approach.

Please read over all the steps before starting your application.

Step 1: consider Makers Empire

To learn more about Makers Empire, and see if this is the right solution for your school, please watch these short videos. 

Most 3D design programs for students focus solely on the Teaching part of the teaching cycle Differently, Makers Empire can be used for all three stages:

  • Plan – complete the two hours of professional development, browse 150+ curriculum-aligned lesson plans, watch 3D printing video guides, undertake the getting started guide to set up your classes and get ready to teach your first class
  • Teach – you can set students tasks both in the classroom or remotely if they are learning at home via the Teacher Dashboard (missions or tasks will appear in students’ devices as a notification). 
  • Assess – built-in assessment tools and rubrics make assessing students’ work simple.

Step 2: start your application

Start your application at the grant website. 

If you decide to apply for a Halilburton Foundation grant to purchase a Makers Empire solution, you must request a quote as quotations are required as part of the application.

Step 1 of 2
Makers Empire is designed for grades K-8.

Step 3: request a quotation

Tell us a little more about your school so we can generate your personalized quotation for you to submit with your Walmart grant application. We promise never to share your information – see our Privacy Policy.

“We first began designing using Tinkercad, a terrific CAD program and widely accepted by schools. Some of my older students were able to grasp the mechanics of designing things but that’s all it was, designing things. It had no connection to what we were learning and studying in school. It was isolated and, to be honest probably more trouble than it was worth… I had been searching the blogs looking for resources to teach the curriculum when I discovered the Makers Empire software… Clicking on their website and watching a few tutorials I immediately could tell I had found something special. There was something simplistic to Makers Empire’s approach of complex design. The website offered video tutorials, resources, and an iPad friendly interface… It took me a while, but what I finally realized was that 3D printing and design is not what I am teaching, but rather how I am teaching… Sure, there are technical skills that both the teacher and students need in order to make a design and have it print out but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Makers Empire software allows kids to express themselves and to show what they have learned in other realms of the curriculum.”

Christopher Burdman, STEM Teacher
Tynan Elementary School, Boston

Step 4: Submit your application

We suggest having your application fully prepared in a seperate document so that you can submit it easily online.

Then submit your application online as per step 1 above if you created a grant application account. Make sure to include your school’s quotation for your Makers Empire solution. 

If you need help with your application please email us at info[at] with subject: “HALLIBURTON FOUNDATION GRANT SUPPORT.”

Good luck!