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Compare the world’s best solutions for implementing maker pedagogy and developing K-8 students’ Design Thinking skills.

Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to expand an existing program, Makers Empire has a 3D solution for your school or group of schools.

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  • Makers Empire 3D software
    The world's easiest to use 3D modelling software. Designed for K-8 students. Works on all computers and devices.
  • App updates and software support
    We regularly release app updates. Have a problem? Check out detailed FAQS in our Knowledgebase or use our Live Chat to speak to our tech team.
  • Can download 3D designs
    Designs can be downloaded as .STL files for 3D printing
  • Teacher's Dashboard
    Easily manage student accounts, view and download designs for 3D printing, leave feedback for students, and learn how to make the most of your Makers Empire experience.
  • Professional development
    Watch the Makers Empire professional development series of 11 on-demand videos and learn how to effectively and efficiently teach Design Thinking and implemenent maker pedagogy.
  • Implementation plan
    Makers Empire offers a helpful road map to introducing and implementing 3D printing and design at your school.
  • 130+ lesson plans aligned to standards
    Aligned to the American curricula. Created by experienced classroom teachers. Browse lesson plans by subject, grade and collection.
  • Number of people
    How many people can use it?
  • Price

Makers Empire 3D Software

MAK_Monster_Easy To Use_Square 2
  • 1
  • Free

Makers Empire School Subscription

MAK_Shop_School Subscription_1802.1
  • 4 hours online
  • All teachers and students
  • $1,999 per year

Makers Empire Custom Packages

MAK_Shop Images_Custom blank
  • 20 hours blended
  • All teachers and students
  • Price on application

Need 3D printers? Makers Empire offers bundled packages with 3D printing hardware, training and support.

Makers Empire Packages include everything you need to implement maker pedagogy and develop your K-8 students’ Design Thinking skills.
Our packages include a Makers Empire School Subscription + 3D printer(s) + biodegradable PLA filament (non toxic & bio-degradable) + ongoing training and support.

All 3D printers have been tested extensively by our expert team and we only sell 3D printers we’d happily recommend to teachers – check out our Best 3D Printers for American Schools guide.

For descriptions of features, roll your mouse or cursor over the rows in the first column.

  • Makers Empire 3D School Subscription - see above.
    Includes 3D Software, 130+ lesson plans, professional development for teachers, implementation plan, training, ongoing support, analytics.
  • 3D printer
    Portable, reliable, durable, cost effective and easy to use. Safe for schools - comes with air filter and fully enclosed.
  • Biodegradable PLA filament (500gm roll)
    Biodegradable PLA filament
  • Hardware training
    Our comprehensive training guides and videos make setting up simple while our expert support team is always available to help you troubleshoot issues.
  • Ongoing hardware support
    If you run into an issue with your 3D printer you'll be glad to know that Makers Empire offers ongoing support on all 3D printers purchased from Makers Empire. Our expert tech team will help you troubleshoot your issue in a timely way so that you can get back to teaching as soon as possible.
  • Free shipping
  • Price

Makers Empire 3D Starter Package

MAK_Shop_1804_Starter Package USA
  • x 1
  • x 4
  • $2,499

Makers Empire 3D Twin Package

MAK_Shop_1804_Twin Package USA
  • x 2
  • x 6
  • $2,999

Makers Empire 3D Maker Package

MAK_Shop_1804_Maker Package USA
  • x 3
  • x 10
  • $3,499