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Makers Empire inspires students, empowers educators and supports schools as they embrace the learning potential of 3D design and printing.

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Everything you need to successfully integrate
3D design and printing in your K-8 classroom

World’s easiest to use 3D modelling software

Makers Empire helps unlock children’s natural drive to create, share and explore. Our intuitive and engaging software allows young students to transition from drawing in 2D to designing in 3D in minutes – no CAD or computer experience necessary!

“After having tried several softwares, I can say hands down that Makers Empire has been the easiest for my students in grades 3-5 to access and manipulate,”

– Christopher Burdman STEM Teacher
Joseph P Tynan Elementary School, Boston, USA


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Innovative Professional Development and training

Makers Empire provides expert professional development and training for teachers to ensure a successful classroom experience. Our learning team has worked with thousands of teachers so we know how to help you effectively integrate 3D printing and design into your teaching practice.

“We appreciated that the Makers Empire trainers were dedicated educators, with former classroom teaching experience. They helped our teachers understand how to use the printers and program but most importantly how to thoughtfully integrate the application in the classroom,” Dr Andrew A Taylor, Director of Technology, Byram Hills Central School, New York, USA


High Quality Resources developed by teachers

We want teachers to achieve the full education potential of 3D printing and design so we’ve created high quality resources to help. Be inspired, guided and supported by over 130 curriculum-aligned lesson plans, step-by-step videos, school case studies, teacher interviews, thought leadership essays and 3D printing tips.

“The teacher resources were comprehensive and supported the easy implementation of the lesson,” Rene Wavell, Assistant Principal, North Adelaide Primary School, AUSTRALIA


Expert guidance and ongoing support

You shouldn’t have to be a tech expert to be able to use 3D printing and design in the classroom successfully. Our expert support team provides ongoing and timely support whenever you need it so you can get back to doing what you do best – teaching!

“Thanks, Luke – really appreciate your time. I’m now looking forward to getting the kids stuck in to some serious design projects!”
Joe Grabin, 3rd Grade Teacher, North Melbourne Primary School, Ivanhoe East, AUSTRALIA

Makes STEM subjects interesting and fun

Children who enjoy STEM subjects during their early schooling years are more likely to study STEM subjects in high school. This provides a pathway to higher education study and a career in a STEM related field. With an acute shortage of women in STEM jobs, 3D design and printing is a great way to get more girls interested in STEM.

“Before, my students were limited in their STEM applications and designs… Now each student… can work at their pace which is meeting them on their individual need. Through this, my after school STEM club has gained interest to where students had to be put on a waiting list. Students have discussed participating in STEM clubs in middle school and high school as well as more interest in engineering type careers,” Casey Corn, STEM Teacher, Chesnee Elementary School, South Carolina, USA


Helps students develop design thinking skills

Makers Empire provides a critical link between the unlimited creativity of the virtual world and the practical limits of the real world. Students are empowered to follow the design process from identifying needs and opportunities right through to developing an evaluation of products to solve real world problems.

“Our students were so engaged and excited about solving a real world problem… The fact that they could see they could help someone through their own design meant their learning was authentic and valued,” Bianca Laister, Deputy Principal, Birdwood Primary School, AUSTRALIA