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Makers Empire transforms education with 3D design and printing

The Makers Empire Learning Program utilizes 3D printing technology to promote design thinking and help students become better real world problem solvers. We transform 3D printing in the classroom, helping you integrate it into the curriculum and provide all the tools you need.





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Step 1 – Make sure you follow the Lowes Instructions

Step 2 – Once you have worked out your project idea, move to Step 3

Step 3 – Select the Makers Empire Package that fits with your project idea. The Makers Empire Starter Package – $2999 includes printer package ($999) and 12 months Makers Empire Learning Program ($1999). Or you can choose the Makers Empire Value Package ($4999)

For example, your project idea requires your students to design and build a greenhouse, $3k of the $5k budget could be used toward the Makers Empire Starter Package and $2k would go towards building the greenhouse.

Sample Makers Empire Starter Quote – $2999 –

Sample Makers Empire Value Quote – $4999 –



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Interested in purchasing Makers Empire or 3D printer without a grant, please book a video call to find out more

I have been teaching 3D printing for the past 3 years in my elementary science methods course. I was awarded a small grant that was enough to purchase a 3D Printer (Makerbot Mini Replicator). Recently, I discovered Makers Empire and started the free trial. I was amazed at the results! Here are my main take-aways after using Makers Empire.
1. User-friendly for elementary-age children! I offered very little training compared to other 3D printing software and it was super easy for children to navigate, design, and begin creating. I also like that Makers Empire offers a student-friendly app - perfect for young children.
2. Teacher Dashboard- The teacher Dashboard is perfect for setting up and managing a class of students. It's easy to assess their designs and works well with my Makerbot Software. Downloading files was quick, easy, and problem-free.
3. Fabulous customer service! I have been impressed with the follow-up emails and genuine desire for feedback. A big part of the design process is 'improvement' and Makers Empire seems to be committed to improving their product to meet the needs of educators and children. "

Jennifer Troncale, Lecturer, Jacksonville State University
Florida, USA

"...our staff were genuinely impressed... The Makers Empire 3D printing iPad app exceeded our expectations. The design and creative elements of this software have been carefully designed to engage children while opening up numerous educational opportunities and learning experiences. We loved the Teacher (Dashboard) with its support, ideas and integration of the Australian Curriculum. A great way to expose our students to this rapidly emerging technology that will have a significant impact on their lives."

Stephen Corcoran, Director of Digital Learning
St Stephen’s School, WA

“The software has lesson plans based on many state standards with many modules to choose from. Maker’s Empire can be used to teach science, math and even art, K-12. The 3D-printing course was not as challenging as the grade level I was given — first graders!... However, their enthusiasm and absolute thirst for knowledge is awesome to see. They blaze through the challenging 3D lesson plans… Seeing the students faces when the IT team at BPY brings the 3D prints to the classroom is just something I can’t describe. The best part is while walking in the hallway with the huge iPad cart, some eighth graders ask who made that. I point to the first graders, who grin ear to ear.”

Shneur Garb, Teacher
Ben Porat Yosef Yeshiva Day School, New Jersey, USA