Just purchased a 3D printer, need curriculum?

Many schools buy a 3D printer, but are not quite prepared to take the next step. After you have purchased a 3D printer, there are 3 challenges you will face:

  1. Getting your 3D printer setup to print
  2. Learning how to design & print efficiently
  3. Finding appropriate curriculum for your classroom

The Makers Empire 3D Learning Program & team can help with all three steps. This article focuses on point three, probably the hardest to achieve. Teachers often have difficulty to find the time to develop lesson plans and integrating 3d printing into the curriculum can be a real challenge. Makers Empire has lesson plans that only provide examples of how to integrate into the curriculum but importantly aligned with curriculum standards. We don’t want your 3D printer just collecting dust in the corner!

Samples from a Lesson Plan


Learning Outcomes & Assessment


Carefully structured tasks
Aligned to standards (Aus, USA, UK)

The 4Cs of education, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity are often described as the ‘new basics’. 3D design and printing is a great tool to help students develop these vital new basics.

3D design & printing – Engaging students & helping teachers!

Lesson Plan Builder – The easy way to create and share curriculum

The Makers Empire learning program allows teachers a hassle free way to introduce hours of 3D printing and design through project based learning. We also encourage our teachers who have the time to create their own lesson plans through the lesson plan builder on the teachers’ dashboard.

The lesson plan builder makes it easy for teachers to focus on lesson content, just tag the curriculum standards and subjects you would like to include.


Case Study Excercises

On top of lesson plans we also offer case studies, here is a sample that is perfect for grade 2 and 3 students.

weather and climate

If this sounds like an area that would be beneficial to your classroom, speak to us today to find out more!