Inspiring ways students are solving real world problem with 3D printing

Makers Empire pioneering design thinking and 3D printing solutions for schools include professional development for teachers, over 100 curriculum aligned lesson plans, the world’s easiest to use 3D software, a Teacher’s Dashboard and analytics.

Check out the following school-made videos to see the inspiring ways students in Australia and America are using 3D printing and design to solve real-world problems.


Watch how students helped a toddler with a problem

Watch how Grade 6 students in Australia solved a real-world problem in their school community. Their teacher’s toddler has cerebral palsy and has to wear straps on her legs but they kept falling down. So the clever students 3D designed and printed a clip to help the straps stay secure. Watch them design, test, prototype and refine their design to come up with a winning solution!


Watch how students created 3D printed bag tags

Watch the young students at Forbes Primary School in Australia explain how they used 3D design and printing to solve the problem of their identical school bags. The students created their own individual bag tags using Makers Empire 3D software and then printed them out using the school’s 3D printer. Problem solved!


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