GE Additive Program helps transform education globally

GE invests into our children’s future

GE is investing $10 million starting from 2017 in two educational programs, to develop pipelines of future talent.


The Need for STEM in Education

Economic projections point to a need for 1 million more STEM professionals than the US will produce at the current rate over the next decade. STEM jobs alone have grown 17 percent, which is significantly faster than the nearly 10 percent growth rate in all other areas.

According to a survey of 3,000 students, 69% of students are in fact interested in pursuing a STEM career, but two thirds have never used CAD or tried 3D design and 80% have never used a 3D printer before – skills which will be advantageous, if not prerequisite, in many future careers.

For students to choose a career in a STEM related field, we need to ensure that students have early, engaging and positive exposure to STEM subjects: students choose STEM related high school subjects and university degrees if they’ve had a positive experience with STEM subjects in their earlier, primary and elementary school years.

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So We Did Something About It

In 2017, the inaugural GE Additive Education Program provided over 400 schools in 13 countries with 3D printers, curriculum and professional development. The Program reached over 180,000 students worldwide.

Following the success of the inaugural program, the program is now accepting applications for a second year. But demand from schools significantly outstrips supply – with 2 weeks to go before first round applications close, applications are at 300% compared to positions available.

That’s thousands of schools and potentially millions of eager students that will miss out on this potentially life-changing opportunity to experience 3D printing and design unless we can find a way to make this happen.

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Your Support Can Make All the Difference

In order to foster a new generation of problem solvers, thinkers and innovators, and to meet the genuine demand we’ve identified, we are expanding the capacity of The Program.

You can join us in improving the educational outcomes of students and supporting the work of dedicated teachers by becoming a sponsor of this project. Your support will go directly towards:

  • Equipping students with access to 3D design and printing tools and curricula, allowing them to develop the 21st century skills they’ll need to thrive in the future while simultaneously developing fundamental STEM skills.
  • Providing professional development and training for teachers.
  • Running costs associated with the global competition and awards e.g. prizes.
  • Sharing the achievements of this project with media.




Benefits for Partners

  • Naming sponsorship rights
  • Exhibit industry leadership by helping to create a highly skilled future work force
  • Identify and cultivate future talent
  • Recognition as good corporate citizens
  • Opportunity to highlight involvement as naming sponsor in a joint PR campaign targeting local, national and global media.
  • Opportunity to highlight involvement as naming sponsor in a video targeting local, national and global customers.
  • Opportunity to share statistics, testimonials and case studies from this project with the media, on company website, in company newsletters and so on.
  • Accreditation as naming sponsor on all media releases and information sent to media
  • Accreditation as naming sponsor on website, posters, information and swag sent to schools
  • Company information can be included the packages sent to participating schools
  • Opportunity to have staff involved in the project in multiple ways:
    • As competition judges
    • As mentors for competition winners