FUNDING OPPORTUNITY: Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant (New York)

Schools, school districts and consortiums of schools in the New York District can apply for 2018-2019 Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant funds to integrate 3D printing and design into their school curriculum with Makers Empire.


  • Individual New York State public school districts (“Eligible Districts”), or public charter schools (“Eligible Charter Schools”) that received Title I, Part A funds for the preceding fiscal year (2016-2017).
  • Consortiums, as follows:
    • Eligible District-led consortiums comprised of Eligible Districts and/or Eligible Charter Schools as consortium members; or
    • Eligible Charter School-led consortiums comprised of Eligible Charter Schools and/or Eligible Districts as consortium members (note: a charter management organization cannot be a lead applicant or be a consortium member)

Additional requirements:

  • Eligible Districts or Eligible Charter Schools can apply individually OR as a part of a consortium, but not both.
  • The consortium lead must be an active participant in the consortium, providing a minimum of 15% of the grant activities, and cannot act solely as a flow-through for grant funds.
  • All applicants must comply with Title VIII, Sec. 8501-8504 reg

A list of public school districts and public charter schools that meet this criterion, and are thus Eligible Districts or Eligible Charter Schools, can be found on the NYSED Office of Accountability webpage.


Applications close February 16, 2018.

Relevant Funding Available

From the funding RFP:

Funding Purpose

(3) Support the effective use of technology

When carefully designed and thoughtfully applied, technology can accelerate, amplify, and expand the impact of effective practices that support student learning, increase community engagement, foster safe and healthy environments, and enable well-rounded educational opportunities. Technology can expand growth opportunities for all students while affording historically disadvantaged students greater equity of access to high quality learning materials, field experts, personalized learning, and tools for planning for future education. Such opportunities can also support increased capacity for educators to create blended learning opportunities for their students, rethinking when, where, and how student’s complete different components of a learning experience. However, for technology to be truly transformative, educators need to have the knowledge and skills to take full advantage of technology-rich learning environments.

Allowable uses of funds include, but are not limited to: direct services for students, professional development for teachers and administrators, salaries of personnel to carry out identified programs and services, and supplemental educational resources and equipment

Award Distribution

(3) $11,400,000 for improved use of technology to improve academic achievement and digital literacy of all of students

Each applicant may apply for a grant award in each content area with a minimum amount of $100,000 to a cumulative maximum amount as indicated in the table below. If applying for multiple content areas, applicants must submit a separate and complete application for each area. Applicants seeking funding in the Improved use of technology area may not exceed 25% of total budget request for technology for infrastructure expenditures. Technology infrastructure includes purchasing devices, equipment, and software applications in order to address readiness shortfalls.

Grant Details and Application

Full details of this funding opportunity and the RFP can be found here.

How Makers Empire Supports the Effective Use of Technology

Makers Empire 3D Printing Learning Program is perfectly designed and appropriately fit for this Support Student and Academic Enrichment Grant Program and can empower to schools to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Introduce fundamental knowledge of 3D printing or additive manufacturing technology to students.
  2. Enrich students’ learning experiences and enhance their knowledge attainment and application through hands-on and deep learning activities.
  3. Engage students in design-thinking process and problem-solving practices through 3D design and printing activities.
  4. Enable teachers to implement STEAM-themed teaching and promote student’s ability to acquire and apply knowledge across different subject areas through their 3D design projects.
  5. Expand effective use of technology by helping teachers and students integrate 3D printing and design into their everyday teaching and learning.
  6. Empower teachers to operationalize 21st century learning by creating opportunities for students to work in teams, collaborate with peers and articulate their ideas and thinking through their peer discussion and class project presentations.

Evidence Based Research

Research shows that students who experience maker education, active learning, project-based learning and inquiry thinking demonstrate enhanced interest, sustained efforts, and improved academic performance and learning in multiple areas.

We’ve collated relevant academic studies and academic papers here.

Learning by Design Course Package

Makers Empire can devise a tailored package to suit your individual consortium’s or district’s learning needs.

We recommend positioning Makers Empire as the center piece of your grant application to implement our total solution Learning by Design Course Package.

Our Learning by Design Course package includes:

  • School implementation plan
  • Comprehensive professional development and training for teachers
  • 3D design software – school-wide subscription
  • 3D printing learning platform, which includes: 1) Class Management Tool; 2) 130+ lesson plans and other high quality quality teaching resources; 3) Step by step videos for just-in-time and on-demand teacher training; and 4) Learning analytics and reports for data-based decision-making and customized engagement
  • 3D printers
  • 3D filament
  • Ongoing software and hardware support after the course.

What teachers think

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