Makers Empire helps K-8 schools harness the power of 3D printing to teach STEM concepts, 21st century learning skills and design thinking.

The Makers Empire 3D Printing Learning Program for K-8 schools includes Makers Empire 3D software (iPad/Win/Mac/Android), 100+ hours of curriculum-aligned lesson plans, the Teacher’s Dashboard to manage students’ work, professional development, and analytics.

We currently work with over 2,000 K-8 teachers and 110,000 students in Australia, America and Asia. 

You can purchase our 3D Printing Learning Program by itself, or bundled together with 3D printer(s), filament and hardware training. Choose from one of the following options:

Makers Empire 3D

  • World's easiest to use 3D software
  • Individual Licence - single user
  • Design challenges, monthly competitions and leveling up features

Makers Empire 3D: Schools

  • Makers Empire 3D school licence - unlimited accounts for 12 months
  • Teachers’ Dashboard - easily manage students' accounts. View and download designs for 3D printing.
  • 50+ lesson plans (100+ hours) - aligned to the Australian and American curriculums. Weekly updates.
  • Professional development - 2-hour webinar for successful implementation
  • Analytics - monitor students' progress and engagement with weekly reports

Makers Empire 3D Mini Solution

  • Makers Empire 3D: Schools
  • Mini 3D printer
  • 1kg of PLA premium filament
  • Training on 3D printing hardware (1-hour online)
  • Shipping included

Makers Empire 3D Value Solution

  • Makers Empire 3D: Schools
  • Large 3D printer
  • 5kgs of PLA premium filament
  • Training on 3D printing hardware (1-hour online)
  • Shipping included

What teachers think of Makers Empire

  • Professor Stan Silverman, Director of NYIT Technology Based Learning Systems. USA.
  • “"My department was searching for applications and curriculum that would align to the common core standards. We found reference to [Makers Empire] on the web and reached out to see if what they were doing would meet our needs. We were impressed that they were addressing the use of 3D printing not simply as an endpoint but as a true curriculum enabling tool. We simply had not found anyone else doing the work required to create quality educational activities. The team that they have assembled has the right mix of technologists and educators to create both a platform and a curriculum that will enhance innovation, creativity and technology in our schools.”

  • Elaine Whelen, Head of School, ISA International School. Guangzhou, CHINA.
  • “Our students study key concepts and discover knowledge of the world around them through an enquiry-driven approach to learning. Design and 3D printing with Makers Empire will help support our students develop important skills such as design thinking, problem solving and critical analysis.”

  • Stephen Corcoran, Director of Digital Learning, St Stephen’s School. WA, AUSTRALIA.
  • “The Makers Empire 3D printing iPad app exceeded our expectations. The design and creative elements of this software have been carefully designed to engage children while opening up numerous educational opportunities and learning experiences. We loved the Teachers’ (Dashboard) with its support, ideas and integration of the Australian Curriculum. A great way to expose our students to this rapidly emerging technology that will have a significant impact on all their lives and our own.”

  • Albert Wong, Computer Subject Panel Head, Lee Kau Yan Memorial School. HONG KONG.
  • “In the future 3D printing will be as simple as 2D printing right now, but its effect on industry will be much greater. Through designing 3D models and printing them out, students will understand the importance of maintaining a balance between practicability and creativity. Makers Empire is a great app for students to experience 3D design and printing, and will lead to a brighter future for the students.”

  • Dr Andrew A Taylor, Director of Technology, Byram Hills Central School. New York, USA.
  • “The lesson plans provide authentic learning experiences that help our teachers integrate 3D printing and encourages our students to print with a purpose. We appreciated that the Makers Empire trainers were dedicated educators, with former classroom teaching experience. They helped our teachers understand how to use the printers and program but most importantly how to thoughtfully integrate the application in the classroom.”

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